In a world getting more and more enriched with new ways of communicating, remote business solutions and whole arrays of digital possibilities, everyday face to face contact now happens less often. On the one hand, humankind is currently in the process of adapting to these circumstances and the possibilities tied to them. On the other hand, getting into direct contact with other people especially during precarious social situations, which has never been an easy task to begin with, can now further be complicated due to us being less encountered with such situations. 

Drama methods offer some profound ways of practicing any kind of social interaction including difficult ones, e.g. a person being bullied. Experiencing and practicing how to act and react in tense situations in a rehearsal room leads to training effects in the real word. Thus, this workshop named Active citizenship offers exactly this.

Save me anyone – Warming up

Game of Compromise – Activity

Saviour – Activity 

Critics of Media – Activity

The Burning Issue – Reflection