Disability is a general term that encompasses deficiencies, activity limitations and participation restrictions. Deficiencies are problems that affect a body structure or function; Activity limitations are difficulties in executing actions or tasks, and participation restrictions are problems in participating in life situations. Consequently, disability is a complex phenomenon that reflects an interaction between the characteristics of the human organism and the characteristics of the society in which it lives. The unquestionable social fact is that we live in a society in which people with disabilities are disadvantaged: they are discriminated against and even despised.

Thus, it is urgent to strengthen the involvement of people with diversabilities in formal and non-formal education, in work and in social participation; with the flexible thought that we learn by doing and we do by learning. We learn to include, including.

Different Colours – Warming up

Newspaper Race – Activity

Communication Limits – Activity

Help and Get Help – Activity

Patronising – Reflection