This is the first activity on active citizenship produced by the Drama for Youth Work project. This activity can be used as a warming up. You can find more activities on active citizenship here.
DURATION 10 minutes NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS Between 6 and 16 participants. MATERIALS None PREPARATION No preparations are needed. LINK TO THE TOPIC Active citizenship is a lot about the awareness of others around you and about the willingness to help others in need. At the same time, experiencing getting help yourself when you need it feels embarrassing to some people, but can be tested here quite playfully. OBJECTIVES OF THE ACTIVITY
  • Warming up
  • Training the awareness of others around you
DESCRIPTION The participants are divided into 3 smaller groups, being named 1, 2 and 3. All groups are moving in the same space. The facilitator tells a story, e.g.: “It is a warm and sunny day. You are moving in the park and enjoying the warmth of the air. The sun is shining on your face, birds are singing in the trees, and you can smell the sweetness of the flowers around you. You are on your way to meet up with good friends. Together you will make the most of the day! You didn’t agree on what to do though. Dancing in the park? Go for a hike? Maybe watch a bit of your favourite TV show? Whatever it is going to be: This day is going to be awesome!”.   The participants should act out what the facilitator is talking about. Within telling the story, the facilitator calls out a group name. Those group members slowly start sinking to the floor. All the other participants have to react and catch the people falling before them reaching the floor. The story continues and the facilitator repeats calling out different group names. REFLECTION Questions for reflection:
  1. How did it feel when you were falling and someone/no one came to your aid?
  2. How did you manage to catch the others?