This is the second activity on social inclusion. This activity can be used as an immersion on the topic after the warming-up. You can find more activities on social inclusion here.


30 minutes


Between 6 and 9 participants.




The facilitator will share the concept of youth empowerment as a process through which young people gain control of their decisions and actions; they express their needs and mobilize to obtain greater political, social and cultural action that respond to their needs, while being involved in decision making.

Empowerment refers to the process of self-determination by which people or communities, gain control over their own way of life. Its about a process:

  • awareness (become aware of all the factors that influence people’s lives)
  • liberation (gain decision power over their own destiny)

It is about ensuring that those who lack power have the basic conditions to begin to empower themselves and ensure the existence of empowerment spaces. It is necessary to fight against the culture of exclusion, repression and submission, creating the conditions for individuals to aspire to develop their possibilities.


  • Empathize with young people who have less confidence in themselves. Identify own virtues.
  • Accompany another in the process of identifying virtues.
  • Display and elevate in front of others their own virtues.


The facilitator will seperate the group into pairs.

They will discuss for 6 minutes in their pairs, so that each of the pair identifies 3 strong points, abilities or skills that they possess.
Then they will have 10 minutes to design 2 advertisements in which they will sell their partner. The participants should praise the best things about the other and “sell” their partner, highlighting (without lying, without exagerating) these qualities, abilities or strong points.

The pairs will then perform their advertisements for the rest of the group.


  • Do you understand that there are young people who have a hard time identifying their own virtues?
  • What do you feel when you praise your virtues before others?
  • Do you think the virtues reflected in your ad communicate your essence?
  • What does the group think about your virtues?
  • Do the virtues you have used to sell yourself really represent you?