We understand the meaning of social exclusion as a “social process of separation of an individual or group with respect to the labor, economic, political and cultural possibilities to which others do have access and enjoy”. It is important to point out that people who experience social exclusion processes do not only suffer from economic needs, but that using the most current typologies of consideration of social needs, it is understood that the impossibility of satisfying various deficiencies autonomously, deprives them of living from integrated into your environment.

We must define social exclusion as a process, it is never a specific situation that appears suddenly and disappears in the same way. It is part of the binomial: social integration / postponement. Furthermore, social exclusion operates differently in each case; it does not follow a pattern, it is the result of social dynamics that cause many people to be separated from them. The dissatisfaction of the different needs, due to the breadth of this process, is not always evident: people who seem to live integrated into their environment may suffer from it. It will be the task of different professionals, especially from the socio-educational world, to know how to prevent them and identify them in their case.

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